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Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Introduction

If you want to be among the communications elite, today’s public relations professional has to understand all of the tactics associated with the craft and be well versed in using all of the communications tools at our disposal. That means in addition to understanding traditional media and knowing the tactics affiliated with traditional media outreach, PR pros also must understand new media and the world that exists around it. Social media outreach, search engine optimization (SEO) and electronic communications should be a new tools within our “PR toolbox.”

It’s due to this fact that I’ve decided to get back to my blogging roots. As a self proclaimed freestyle writer, blogging is a natural fit for me and my sometimes non-linear thought process. Now, I’m not new to blogging in any capacity, I’ve actually been blogging since the late 90s. I’ve blogged about hip hop music. I’ve blogged about relationships. And I’ve ghost blogged for the leadership of one particular organization. However, this will be the first blog I will be doing under my government identity and related to my current profession, public relations.

Without the anonymity that I’m used to when blogging, I just hope that I can continue to be interesting and interject what has become a cornerstone of my personality – my own personal brand of humor and introspection. In addition to the aforementioned, in this blog you can come to expect pop culture and hip hop references, highbrow snarkiness and the opinion of this writer (which has been shaped after receiving 39 years of information).

I hope you like it. I hope that you comment. I hope that you tell a friend. And most important of all, I hope that you keep coming back. In return, I’ll continue to provide content centered on the good, the bad and the ugly of PR.


Larry Jones
The Practitioner


  1. Your post couldn't come at event better time... You know that you have always been a sense of inspiration to me when I was questioning my ideals of PR & promotions.. Thank you sir for the post!!
    Cadriah J. Searles,
    Former Marx Layne, Intern...

  2. You are very welcome Cadriah. I hope you found something I wrote to be useful or at a minimum entertaining. :^)

  3. HE'S BACK ON THE BLOCK!! Tony it's great to see you blogging again, especially about something you have so much passion for! I'll definitely stay tuned!

  4. Thank you. I'll try to keep it interesting.