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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself…


Former Twitter Account Known as @BMorePRGuy adopts New Moniker, Moves to Differentiate Web Presence

(DMV – DC, Maryland, Virginia) – With so many voices fighting to be heard through the avalanche of messages that is Twitter, PR operative, L.A. Jones takes a step forward to distinguish his online brand by unveiling a new account name – @OffThe_Record.

The new identity, which replaces the now retired @BMorePRGuy, will retain the same humor, information sharing, observations, sports talk and snark that nearly 1,500 followers have come to expect and currently enjoy. The name change comes at a pivotal time when an ever increasing number of up and coming PR pros have launched new Twitter accounts with some variation of the acronym “PR” incorporated into their name.

“Who really gives a $#@% that I did this besides me? But I’m definitely excited about the switch and potential branding possibilities it may bring,” said L.A. Jones, PR Operative, Organizational Storyteller and Relationship Builder. “I’ve told people for years, that what I say is totally off-the-record; it’s time that I reflected that sentiment literally.”

In selecting @OffThe_Record, L.A. Jones is able to cleverly play off the name with the nature of his “Tweets” but also maintain a connection to his chosen profession.

Often when public relations professionals or other sources conduct interviews with reporters or journalists, some aspects of their remarks may be requested to remain “off-the-record” meaning not for quotation, publication or attribution. It is also a tactic some PR pros utilize when trying to introduce a new idea or angle to a reporter during an interview.

Despite a rising popularity and the ever increasing following this Twitter account has generated, L.A. Jones believes that the name change will not diminish momentum. LA. Jones stands firmly behind by projections that the new name will open up new Twitter markets and find him endeared by new followers.

“Besides, my Umi said shine your light on the world,” added Jones.


About @OffThe_Record

@OffThe_Record is the official Twitter account and online presence for public relations operative, Larry Jones. Also known as an organizational storyteller, Larry Jones has more than a decade of comprehensive public relations/communications experience. He has practiced public relations in four major markets (DC, Chicago, Detroit and Baltimore) and has worked within an agency and internal communications team environment. To learn more, visit online: http://www.linkedin.com/in/theprman.

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